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All our Hosting to 50% of discount

Without permanence commitment. Now you can prove anyone of our Lodgings Web with a discount of 50% the first year. This discount is applied to all our Lodgings Linux, Windows and Wordpress. In addition you are 60 of guarantee on watch, reason why if the service does not convince to you, we will give back the money without trouble to you.

Do Doubts exceed what Hosting to choose?

You are going to create your first webpage and you don't know what to lodging Web you need? It contacts with us and we will explain to you what you need to make your Web. Tell us what you want to obtain and we will recommend the most suitable service to you your webpage and to have your professional accounts of mail.

Design Web

If in addition to your Lodging Web you need to which it designs and it creates your webpage, you do not doubt in requesting a budget to us without commitment. We have a team of programmers and designers who can make your webpage or your store online Prestashop to your taste and of economic way. You can write to us from our form and we will put ourselves in touch with you as rapidly as possible.

Datacenter in Spain

Our Servers are in center of Terremark data, in Madrid, and our IP is Spanish. This is important because the finders as Google gives to priority in the positioning Web Hosting to the pages that are lodged in the same country from which the searches become. In addition in case there is some problem in a servant, our equipment can move easily to the datacenter.


Our servers are equipped with powerful systems to filter attacks to servers and webpages. In addition our equipment is in charge to control hackeos and shipments of Spam from the lodgings Web and accounts of mail, to avoid problems in your hosting Web.


WWW space is a company founded on the year 2000, with the aim of providing services of lodging Web of high quality to reasonable prices. Our equipment and commercial department are formed by professionals with ample experience in the sector, that the doubts or problems will help you with that can arise.


Hosting Linux installs your favorite applications in ours:

WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, etc.


And if you are going to use demanding applications in consumption of resources or disc space, it uses our self-sustaining Virtual Private Servers. If you need help in the management of your vps hosting we also offer the service to you of management.

vps web hosting


Frequent questions

In order to create a webpage you need to have registered a Name of Domain, and also to contract to a Lodging Web, so that your page is visible in Internet. The Lodging Web to choose will depend, first of all, of the programming and data bases that you are going to use in your page, which will determine if you need a Hosting Linux or Windows. Also it is important the size that are going to occupy your Web and the account number of mail that you are going to need. You can consult our help exceeds what hosting to choose. Once contracted to the Name of domain and the Hosting already only you must raise your Web our servant by FTP. Remembers that also we have a Lodging Web WordPress, in which already you will be the installed and ready program to use. If you do not have programming knowledge, you can contact with us so that we make a budget you to realise your Web to size, or can also do it you yourself using our Generating Web.
In order to create a store online you need to register a Name of Domain and to acquire a Hosting where you can install some of the programs of Stores online that exist in the market. The majority of these programs needs a Hosting Linux to be able to be installed. If you want to simplify the process, instead of a Hosting you can acquire our service of Stores on line, that includes a Lodging Web with the Prestashop program already installed and ready to work. The advantage of the service of Store on Line is that we give support you on the operation of Prestashop, installed any Spanish TPV to you, incluímos also the installation of a group and does backup copies of your store every 3 days, so that you can recover it in case a mishap happened. For more information than you need to have your Prestashop store, we recommended to you that you see our videotutorial envelope what you need to create a store online, where we explained all the necessary one to you.
A Name of domain is a set of alphanumeric characters that identify a webpage or e-mail, as for example A name of Domain can have different extensions. The most used in Spain they are .com and .es, but they also exist very well-known others as .net, .org, .cat or .eu. The Names of Domain register by a minimum period of a year and a maximum of ten. In order to facilitate the positioning of your webpage, it is important that the Name of Domain contains some of the key words by which you want to position itself. You can verify the availability of the domain that you look for from our finder of domains. Each extension of domain can have a different price. You can accede to our page of domain names and consult the listing of prices of the different options. If you need more information, it visits our help exceeds what is a domain name.
No, we sell both services separately. This way you can have the Name of domain in another recorder different from the one from hosting. Selling these services separately also facilitates to you that you can register in the first place the domain name, to make sure that nobody plus is going it to do before you, and later to register the Lodging Web when already you have made your page, which in the end will suppose a money saving to you.
Our Lodgings Web are provided in shared servers, which means that you will share a servant with other clients. The advantages of the shared Hosting are that your webpage will be under the protection of our security systems, you own a Control Panel for the management of the lodging and the servant this preparation so that simply you raise your webpage and sees himself, without needing having to install PHP, Mysql or other programs. A Servant VPS is a Virtual Servant Private, that you will use exclusively, but that is self-sustaining, which means that you will have to occupy of its security and maintenance to you. Normally the VPS are used for webpages that or by reasons for yield or exceptions of security, cannot work in shared lodgings. Also there are people who use the VPS hosting to group several lodgings Web and to assign the necessary resources each. If you need to have a VPS but you do not have the necessary knowledge of programming and want that you we manage it, you can buy our maintenance service of VPS.
No, nonincluímos we no type of publicity in our services. He distrusts of the gratuitous lodgings Web, since they will insert publicity in your pages, having done to you to lose professionalism facing your clients, and the service will have a ratio of connection and speed rather lower than the one of a Lodging professional Web as ours.
In WWW Space we have an ample section of help where you will be able to find information exceeds how to form the post office, to raise your Web, help on WordPress, PrestaShop and other many things.

Why to choose to us?

In WWW Space we provided a service of hosting of quality to a fit price, offering the principles security and reliability assurances. We guaranteed to you that your webpage will be visible and working with a 99% of connectivity.

Guarantee of return

In WWW Space we are so safe of the quality of our services of hosting that if you are not satisfied for whatever reason we give back the amount of your service in the 60 next days to its purchase. The Names of Domain are not assigned to this guarantee.


If you need that we advise envelope to you what Lodging Web more is indicated for you or if you have any other consultation, you do not doubt in calling us of Monday through Friday of 09,00 to 18,00 or writing to us to [email protected]