All our services are provided from the datacenter NAP of the Americas Madrid (Terremark), located in Madrid (Spain).

Although this supposes a higher cost economic, also it results in a greater quality of the service that we provided and guarantees the strict fulfillment of the norm referring to security of data (Statutory law of Protection of Data).

Our Servers

We have in property the most advanced servers, formed according to our specifications and monitored by several independent systems to guarantee the continuity of the service. When having physical access to the servers, we can solve any anomaly in a space of very brief time and a safer form, than if for example, they were located in a datacenter of another country.



All the servers have a disc configuration in RAID.Esta configuration allow to diminish the risk of loss of data and guarantee the continuity of the service.

We count on a service of backup copies that allow us to recover the content of servidores& within some minimum intervals of time, assuring therefore the information that contains.

Also they have cards of network of 1000Mbps, that along with switchs of last generation, allow the access to Internet to maximum speed.

Our Firewalls protects the servers of external accesses nonauthorized, hackers, etc. Also, we counted on tools that the irregular attempts of access to pages or servers block automatically. Also we counted on utilities to detect receptions or shipments of Spam from or towards our servers.

In summary, its lodging Web is protected by everything a framework de& safety measure directed to protect its information and to assure the benefit the services of an efficient form. To offer the maximum quality of the service is our top priority.


The Datacenter

The Datacenter is equipped with the last technology able to guarantee the security of our servers and to assure that its lodging Web is available the 365 days of the year. At the moment we worked with the Datacenter Terremark.

The NAP of the Americas Madrid (Terremark) is a center of interchange of traffic and interconnection of last technology.



  • The building has more than 2,400 meters squared of useful surface.

  • Superfluous units of air conditioning maintain the center to a constant temperature of 22 degrees Celsius and one relative humidity of 55%.

  • It is equipped with an advanced system with detection and fire extinguishing.

  • Duplexed systems of uninterrupted feeding and generator sets assure the continuity the electrical provision in all the circumstances.

  • The facilities count on security personnel the 24 hours of the day, 7 days to the week. A full field equipment of security guards by the integrity of the facilities and the security of its personnel and content. The security equipment includes patrols, systems of cameras of TV by closed circuit and control of access by card in all the doors.


Images of the Datacenter