Accounts of Mail


  Initial mail

  • 10 Cuentas de Correo
  • Access POP3 IMAP smtp
  • Limitless Webmail
  • Alias, Redirection, Antispam
  • By 24.95 year + Info

  Advanced mail

  • 25 Cuentas de Correo
  • Access POP3 IMAP smtp
  • Limitless Webmail
  • Alias, Redirection, Antispam
  • By 49,95‚¬ year + Info

  Professional mail

  • 100 Cuentas de Correo
  • Access POP3 IMAP smtp
  • Limitless Webmail
  • Alias, Redirection, Antispam
  • By 73,95‚¬ year + Info




How I can have some

mail accounts

for my business?


To have personal email addresses, who are not gratuitous accounts of mail as Hotmail or Gmail, they will much more give a professional image of your activity. In addition, the professional accounts of mail are much more trustworthy that the gratuitous ones since the delivery and shipment of messages on the part of the servant are instantaneous. You will be able in addition to accede to your accounts of mail of different ways, so that they adjust to the needs of your business.

In order to have some professional accounts of mail first that you need are to have registered a Name of I dominate. The domain will be what always appears behind @ of your account. It is important that I dominate makes reference to your activity and that in addition it is easy to write so that your contacts do not have difficulties when sending to you an e-mail.

If you already have thought the Name of Domain, we offer three plans to you of professional but very economic mail, so that you choose according to the account number of mail and the capacity that you are going to need.








It forms your accounts

It forms your accounts of mail in Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Mac, etc. Also you will be able to form your post office in movable devices.


Access by Webmail

It accedes to your accounts of mail from any navigator with Internet through our Webmail MGP or IMAP


Redirections and Alias

It creates redirections and Alias of your directions of email of other accounts of mail.



It activates autorespuestas in your accounts of mail to send emails of automatic way to the direction of origin of any received mail.



Service of AntiSpam including. We filter 90% of the Spam that arrives at your accounts of mail. If you want to still reduce it more, you can consult our help on the matter.


Administration of the post office

It controls each account of mail individually: we have an individual Control Panel so that each account of mail can self-manage.



Frequent questions on

Accounts of Mail


In order to create your accounts of mail you need to have registered a Name of Domain, and also to contract a service of Accounts of Mail. The service of mail to choose will depend on the account number of mail that you are going to need and on the global space. Once contracted to the Name of domain and Cuentas de Correo already only you must create the mail accounts that you wish in the Control Panel.

It remembers that if you are going to also need a webpage we have services of Lodging Web that also include Cuentas of mail.

No, you can distribute the global space of the accounts of mail between the accounts that you want. It is not necessary that you assign a concrete space to each account of mail, will calculate the global space of all the accounts that you are using, and if at a certain time you exceed the contracted space, we will warn in time to you so that you can take the opportune actions.

He is indispensable to have a name of registered domain to be able to have Accounts of Mail. If you do not have any registered domain, it is necessary that you register one, but already you have the name of domain registered in another company, is not necessary that you return it to buy, you can simply point the DNS of the domain towards our servers.

If you are interested in transferring the domain towards our company and need more information on the necessary steps, you can consult our help on transferences of domains.

No, we sell both services separately. This way you can have the Name of domain in another recorder different from the one from the mail. Selling these services separately also facilitates to you that you can register in the first place the domain name, to make sure that nobody plus is going it to do before you, and later to register Cuentas de Correo when you need them, which in the end will suppose a money saving to you.
The service chooses that adapts more according to the account number of mail which you are going to need, as well as the global space that you are going to need.
If, if you at a certain time need more Accounts Mail, we can extend your service. The amount of the difference between the services will calculate to you and it will be prorated by the months that you have left on watch, this way never you lose money!
If, you can do it without no problem. You will only have to point the DNS of your domain towards our servers, and in 24 hours you will be able to use your accounts of mail.
Yes, through the configuration of the DNS of the domain it could use the service of e-mail with us.
In order to be able to make mailing massive you must meet the conditions of our contract of services, especially point 2.3. If you satisfy the legal requirements to make these shipments, communicate to us since mail account you want to carry out the mailing so that we authorize the shipment to you of massive post office.