The webpages would have to be protégées effectively against malicious software and the attacks. The Firewall of applications assures an effective protection the Web and applications that work in Linux servers.



The webpages, the managers of content as WordPress, Joomla, the stores online with payment platforms, etc. are administered and managed using tools and applications that realise calls to programs of the Web sending determined parameters that can hackeados and be modified by hackers.


These failures in the protection of the Webs cause to important upheavals as falls and disconnections of the pages, and in multitude of occasions loss of financial data and sensible personal information.

The Firewall of applications filters the calls of the programs to avoid that malicious code is added to them, through the implementation of safety ruleses that are generated with constant updates that respond to the changes in the behavior of the threats. This Firewall of applications in addition supports to Modsecurity rules, providing an advanced filtrate, security and protection against intruders.

It allows us to avoid the following attacks:
- Cross scripting. Execution of malicious code script in the programs of the Web server.
- SQL injection. To include code SQL that modifies Base de Datos of our servant.
- Denial-of-service. They generate hundreds/thousands of accesses to the Web to try to block the Web server.

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