The Advanced Hosting Linux is not a lodging Web for that more outposts need some characteristic something than those than offer our initial Hosting, but are either going to use all the potential of our Lodging Professional Web. A very competitive price you will be able to enjoy 10 GB of space in disc and up to 25 accounts of professional mail. Their 10 data bases MySQL allow to install different applications, as Wordpress, Joomla or PrestaShop.



Disc space

  • 10 GB of Space in Disc
  • LIMITLESS data transfer


  • 7 PHP/MySQL
  • Discs SSD

Data bases

  • 10 Bases de Datos MySQL
  • Management through phpMyAdmin

Accounts of Mail

  • 25 Post office

Accounts of FTP

  • 10 Cuentas of FTP
  • Service of FTP online


  • Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop
  • Certificates SSL Let's Encrypt FREE
All ours hosting Web has a limitless data transfer.
All our lodgings Web have a Control Panel in Spanish, that allows to create and to manage the mail accounts, data bases, accounts of FTP, etc

It publishes his webpage by FTP. Any type of FTP program can use or use our service of FTP Online.

We have a autoinstalador of Wordpress.

This hosting allows the installation of managers of content (Wordpress, Joomla! €¦), stores on line, shipment of forms, forums, blogs, etc.

The mail mailboxes can use all the space of the contracted lodging.

It forms his accounts of mail in programs as Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, etc. also Consults his mail from his movable device Android, Iphone, Blackberry, etc.

Also it can accede to his accounts of mail by means of Webmail MGP or Webmail IMAP.

It allows the redirection of accounts of mail, creation autorespuestas and alias of mail.

It can realise limitless subdomains in his lodging.

Also the option exists to create limitless Alias of different domains so that they aim at his Web. The alias are used, for example, if it owns several extensions of a same domain and wants that all aims at the same Web.

Our lodgings Web have a powerful system of protection against external threats based on firewalls and equipment of intrusion detection. We have the most advanced security systems of the Fortinet brand (world-wide leader in security systems for servers).

The possibility exists of contracting our service of Firewall de Aplicaciones to improve the security of its Web. All the Hosting advanced has a discount of 30% on the price of this service. Visit our page of Firewall of applications and consults the characteristics of this one service.

All our lodgings Web have OPcaché, improving the yield of PHP, since it stores the code of script precompiled in the shared memory, eliminating therefore the necessity that PHP loaded and analyzes script in each request.

All our servers are in a datacenter in Madrid.

We guarantee a connectivity of 99%.

We have a continuous monitoring 24/7.

All our lodgings Web have a guarantee of 60 days. If during that period it is not satisfied with the service, we will reimburse the total amount phelp to him by hosting.

Daily backup copies of the content of their webpage and data bases will be realised periodically to be able to recover their Aojamiento Web in case it had some technical incidence.

The certificates of security Let's Encrypt are created as an initiative supported by Google and impelled by the Linux Foundation to provide Certificates of gratuitous, free and opened Security SSL.

Its main advantage is that they are gratuitous certificates of security that provide the same protection that those of payment.

They have a validity of 3 months, but they can renew automatically.

These certificates of security are recognized by the main navigators: Chrome, Firefox, Safari€¦







This is one of the most frequent doubts between our clients. You do not let yourself take by the operating system of your computer science equipment, because to decide between a Hosting Web Windows or Linux, which matters is to know what programming or data base you are going to use to create your webpage.



If your Web is done with Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop or Drupal you will need to contract a Hosting Linux. These Hosting Linux admits programming in PHP and data bases MySQL. The Hosting Linux are used in addition to create webpages in HTML, dynamic statics or.



If your webpage is going to perhaps need programming in ASP and .NET or data bases SQL Server or Access, you will need to contract to a Hosting Windows.







If you want to offer a professional image of your business is recommendable that you use Accounts of mail associated to your name of domain and gratuitous nonpost office. For that reason you have 25 accounts of mail that you can use including in your service of Advanced Hosting Linux.


  • It chooses how you want to accede to your E-mail: you will be able to form your accounts of mail in the program that you like more Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Mac, etc, in your desktop computer or your movable devices.
  • Also you have the possibility of consulting your mail from a navigator with Internet through our Webmail MGP or IMAP
  • You can form redirections of your directions of email to be able to receive copy of your e-mails in other accounts of mail.
  • Your accounts will allow you to create automatic messages of answer to all that one that sends an e-mail to you, or is to be thankful for their interest, to inform into your vacation or any other reason to him.
  • We include the service of alias of your accounts of mail.
  • All our services of mail have Antispam including, with which we approximately filtered 90% of the Spam which you receive. If you want to still reduce it more, we invited to you to that you read our help exceeds how to fight the Spam.
  • It controls each account of mail individually: we have an individual Control Panel so that each account of mail can self-manage.
  • You are tired of which they classify the IP of your Hosting as transmitter of Spam? We have a service of including of Security against hackeos of account with which our equipment monitors the service of mail constantly to avoid undesired shipments of mail and that they classify to us as emitters of Spam.





Antispam service

In WWW Space we are continuously increasing our firewall and security systems to restrain the entrance of Spam in the accounts of mail of our clients. Also we monitored constantly our servers of mail so that, in case hackeen their accounts of mail, to stop the shipment and to avoid that Your domain is classified as Spam emitter.


Statistics of access

Each lodging Web has a complete service of statistics in two different formats, where it will be able to consult the information referring to the visits of your webpage. The statistics inform into the visited pages and directories more, number of accesses per days, origin of the visitors, key words search, etc. to you.


Security in front threats

We have the most advanced security systems of the Fortinet brand. (The Fortinet company is world-wide leader in security systems for servers in Internet) from that our Lodgings benefit all Web without extra cost. They work transparently and they do not require additional configurations for the Webs or post office.


Backup copies

In order to assure the content the webpages against any possible incidence that could inflict some casualty of data, several weekly backup copies are programmed that pick up all the content of the lodgings Web.


Hosting with IP Spanish

Our servers are lodged in a Datacenter with the maximum security in Madrid reason why all our IP is Spanish, which favors the positioning Web of the pages lodged in our servers.


Gratuitous certificates of Security

All the clients who ask for it to us can enjoy a Certificate of Serguridad Let's gratuitous Encrypt whenever they have his domain and hosting in ShophyPerformance. These certificates of Security are valid during 3 months, but they autorenuevan themselves during the time that are going away to need.




Frequent questions on

Advanced Hosting Linux

The first step to be able to have your webpage is the one to register a Name of Domain. Also you will need to contract to a Hosting Web, so that your page is visible in Internet. In order to choose the Hosting Web you must know the programming and data bases that you are going to use to create your Web, which will determine if you need a Hosting Linux or Windows. It is important that you anticipate the size that is going to have your Web and whichever accounts of mail you are going to need. Consultation our help exceeds how to choose hosting Web for more information. When you already have your Name of domain and contracted Hosting, you only must raise the archives of your Web our servant by FTP. Remembers that also we have a Lodging Web Wordpress, in that or you will be the installed program and ready for If you do not have sufficient knowledge of design and programming, you can contact with us so that we do a budget to size to you, or can also use our Generating Web.
Yes, as this Hosting Web has PHP and data bases MySQL you can install anyone of these programs without trouble.
In the Hosting Web it includes the space in a shared servant, Bases de Datos, Accounts of mail and all the other services that we specified you in our page, as statistics, Certificates Let's Encrypt, etc.
No, our service of Hosting Web does not include the Name of Domain. They are services that we sell separately. When not having to buy together Hositng and Dominio it will allow you to in advance register the Name of Domain to the Hosting, so that you can have reserved it until you have made your webpage, which can suppose a money saving to you, when not paying by a Hosting until you are going to use it.
No, this Hosting Web only can be associate to a main domain, that is the one that will have associate the mail accounts. If you want to lodge another domain in this lodging you will be able to make it in a folder of the same and soon point your second domain at that folder with a service of Redirection of Web and mail.
You can connect to your lodging Web to using FTP. When you already have your contracted service, you will have in your zone of users keys FTP of your hosting. You can use any program of FTP or our service of FTP online. If you have doubts of how doing it, you can consult our help exceeds how to publish a webpage.
If, you can extend your hosting at any time. The difference between the services will calculate and it will be prorated by the months that you have left on watch, so that you never lose money!
It is not necessary to buy both services simultaneously, but it is necessary to have a Name of registered Domain to be able to have a Hosting Web. If or you have the name of domain registered in another company, you do not have to return to give it of discharge, can leave your domain in your present recorder and simply to point the DNS of the domain towards our servers or you can transfer the Name of Domain towards our company. You can consult the steps to follow to transfer a Name of Domain acceding to our help on transference of domains.
If, to use our Hosting you will only have to point the DNS of your domain towards our servers, and in 24 hours you can use your lodging Web.