Servers VPS provide in way self-managementable, that is to say, are managed by the client directly and they do not have intervention by our part, but he needs that we are those that we administer the VPS, we can offer this service to him to a very competitive price.



Maintenance VPS

  • Initial beginning
  • Managed Vps

Security VPS

  • Updates of the systems
  • Configuration of Firewall

Additional service

  • 5 hours additional to do extra works in vps


Servant VPS will stop being self-sustaining and we will take the control of the same, having the responsibility of their management and maintenance.

  • Installation of the revision and Control Panel of the configuration of services.
  • Establishment as large as the mailboxes of post office.
  • Establishment of the monitor of WatchDog services.
  • Cleaning of logs by size.
  • Update of the versions of the operating system.
  • Update of the version of the Control Panel
  • Fortification of the service of FTP changing the port by defect and establishing safe protocol SFTP.
  • Anonymous decontamination of FTP.
  • Incapacitation of recursivas consultations of DNS.
  • Limitation of the number from connections to port 25 of the mail.
  • Configuration of AntiSpam filters.
  • Configuration of filters spydom.
  • To assure connections HTTP with certificate security SSL.
  • Filtrate in firewall of ports nonused by the VPS.
  • Limitation of connections by MGP and IMAP.
  • Revision of logs by threats.
  • Configuration of safe smtp by SSL.

They will have five hours on watch additional to the rest of personalisations that need, as for example, the backup copy programming of the VPS.

Support by tickets from the zone of users.






A Virtual one Deprives Server to you (VPS) is an emulation of a physical servant in virtual surroundings. It is as having a physical servant, but without the limitations of the physical machine as far as memory, CPU, space in disc or connection to Internet. A VPS behaves as a physical servant in all the aspects, but with the advantage of being able to change anyone of the parameters that define it of a dynamic form.

The VPS are virtual machines that are created on physical surroundings to be able to give a service to clients who have necessity to be able to change the resources that need a fast and dynamic form, without needing investing in expensive physical machines that in very short space of time remain obsolete.

The VPS normally are created under surroundings as the €œcloud€, which provides a much more high security to them of operation that the one of a physical servant, who can give technical problems.

The VPS, to the being simple emulations of virtual machines, can be used for any assignment that is desired. They allow the installation of any operating system and any software that is needed, with the advantage of being able to reinstate in brief minutes the customized contents that are necessary.








If you do not know if you would have to contract to a VPS or hosting in a shared servant, it reads next the differences between both so that you can decide to you.


  • A Hosting shares the servant with other lodgings Web. The IP of the servant and the resources distributes between all the hosting lodged in that servant, including the memory and the processor. The advantage of hosting shared is that they are preparations to raise a Web or to install software as Wordpress, Joompla or Prestashop of simple way. In addition, all the hosting of the shared servers are under the protection of our anti-virus and antiSpam. You can consult in this connection all our services of lodging shared Web.
  • A servant VPS consists of making virtual individual partitions of a physical servant, which turns to him into a servant dedicated to small scale. Each VPS administers their own resources, that does not share on the contrary with other VPS that in the case of hosting in the shared servant. The IP also will be individual for each VPS. The servers VPS will be able to use the operating system whom they prefer.
  • The advantages of a VPS on hosting shared are that first he is totally configurable to your tastes and needs. You can personalize the applications and functions installed in the servant, as for example MySQL, PHP and Apache.
  • A VPS is an individual servant with their own resources, reason why in no case it will affect to you what other lodgings do that share your servant, as in the case of hosting shared. Your VPS does not share services or applications with other users because each servant is independent and completely invisible for his €œneighbors€.
  • The VPS are expandable of dynamic form as far as CPU, disc and memory and all resources are dedicated exclusively. VPS allow you to have control complete on management of his resources, that you will be able to freely assign to your Web and also of the own management of the VPS that you will be able to extinguish, to reinitiate, etc at every moment.
  • The VPS are more resistant than the physical servers to physical technical problems, since these are managed virtually.

  • The quality-price of the VPS is excellent, since it offers the same advantages that a dedicated servant, but to a price far below.








Backup copies

In order to assure the content the webpages against any possible incidence that could inflict some casualty of data, several weekly backup copies are programmed that pick up all the content of the lodgings Web.


Spanish VPS with IP

Our servers are lodged in a Datacenter with the maximum security in Madrid reason why all our IP is Spanish, which favors the positioning Web of the pages lodged in our servers.


Security in front threats

We have the most advanced security systems of the Fortinet brand. The Fortinet company is world-wide leader in security systems for servers in Internet from which our Lodgings benefit all Web without extra cost. They work transparently and they do not require additional configurations for the Webs or post office.



Difference enters

Managed VPS


Self-sustaining VPS


These servers VPS provide in way self-managementable, that is to say, are managed by the client directly and they do not have intervention by our part, but he needs that we are those that we administer the VPS, also we have managed VPS.


Self-sustaining VPS

The client has access as administrator to the servant and the Control Panel of the servant VPS, who allows different actions for the total management from the same, as the resumption, extinguished, ignited, reinstallation of the operating system etc., without needing intervention on the part of WWW Space.


Managed VPS

The management of the Servant on the part of WWW Space, includes the management, beginning of the security and update of the servant, as well as five hours of manpower to use in which the client decides. They can consult this product puncturing here.



Frequent questions on ours



There is webpages that need more resources space, memory etc. of which they are possible to be offered in a shared Hosting, in that case would be necessary the change to a VPS.

The VPS are also a good option when we needed hosting with much capacity disc space, to be able to lodge or to share archives, to store many post office, to create backup copies.

There are some programs that by their characteristics cannot be installed in a shared lodging, since they use nonstandard software. In these cases a servant VPS is recommendable.

A VPS offers major privacy since when not sharing the space with anybody you are less susceptible to attacks than they put in danger your site or archives.

If you need to manage and to form your software of customized way or to distribute the resources of your hosting between several of your lodgings, then a servant VPS also will be your better option.

You can install any Control Panel with which you are more comfortable, and if you also prefer it we can recommend gratuitous Control Panels to you.
All the accesses to servant VPS are open. You can be connected by SSH, FTP, Control Panel, server terminal or any other type who you need.
You can lodge all the hosting that you consider opportune based on the resources that consume of the VPS. Servant VPS forms himself based on the resources, not of hosting that is going to contain.
IF, we can to size make the initial configuration of your VPS. We would do a budget to you by the necessary working hours.
Yes, ponte in touch with us so that we give a budget you.
Centos, Ubuntu, SuSE, etc. Normally all the based on Linux.
If, the VPS that we provided with UNDER Windows Server are budgeted to size and they are created in VmWare surroundings.