We offer the possibility of contracting a maintenance service to you of your webpage with us a cost very reduced for the works that you need to realise. This maintenance includes the updates of security of all the software used in the Web, which would result in the prevention of which the Web was hacked into or to remain obsolete for certain navigators Web. This type on watch is very recommendable if you wish to add content regularly the same and you do not have time or knowledge to carry out this task.

Also he includes our service of backup copies and recovery of the Web in case of disaster, modification or hackeos of the same.

The cost of the annual maintenance for the webpages realised in WordPress can vary based on the complexity of the same.

If you wish to contract the annual maintenance for WordPress is put in touch with us and we will send a budget to him without commitment to size.

The use of the time would be distributed between the workings of maintenance necessary to have to the day software and the works that you wish that we realise in the Web.