It verifies the availability of your Name of Domain


Extensions of Domain

  • Domains with extension .ws

Management of the Domain

  • Modification of Contacts
  • Blockade/Unfreezing
  • Change of DNS

Management of Zones DNS

  • Personalisation of Zones DNS
  • Creation of registries of Zones
  • Up to 100 registries of zones DNS


  • It makes reference to Web site
  • There are no limitations for his registry

Technical support

  • Simple management of the domain
  • Technical support by tickets
  • Tutorial of help

Guarantee of Property

  • Access to the data of the domain
  • Changes of ownership
  • AuthCode




A Name of Domain is a set of alphanumeric characters that identify a webpage or e-mail, as for example The main intention of the names of domain in Internet and of the system of domain names (DNS), is to translate the directions IP, that would practically be impossible to remember, of términosmucho more manageable and easy to find.

So that a Web can turns in Internet, this one must have registered and assigned a domain name. This name is an element unique identifier that will cause that everybody can know the site and enter.

The domain names are formed by two parts:

  • the label - it serves to determine the name
  • the extension - the category of the domain name indicates (.com .es .net€¦)

The election of a Name of Domain is one of the most important steps at the time of creating a lodging Web or lies down online. The Name of Domain will be our sign of identity in Internet and it will also comprise of our e-mails, reason why he is recommendable that is easy to reproduce and understandable. The Domain in addition, will be important facing our positioning in Internet, and so usually he is recommendable that includes nunestra brand, main activity or key words by which we want that they find our clients us. At the moment they exist multitude of extensions for the Names of Domain (.com, .es, .eu org etc.) and is important to decide what is the one that agrees to us more. The registry of the Names of Domain follows the principle of €œfirst-eats first-served€ (first in arriving first served) reason why you must hurry to register your Domain.






If you already have your Name of registered Domain, but you want that you we manage it, is not advisable to leave expires. In order to assure that you do not lose your Name to you I dominate you must make a transfer of recorder.


  • If you have a domain .es, before initiating the transference of the domain you must verify data of the Administrative Contact of the Domain, especially the field of the e-mail associated to this contact. If you do not know where to look it, you can accede to the page in the option €œverifies if its domain is available€ and puncturing on €œseeing data€. If you do not have access to this email address, you will have to speak with your supplier of domains so that it changes it by one to which yes you can accede.
  • Once we have received your order, we will initiate the transference request. You will receive an email in the email address of the administrative contact of the Name of Domain with a connection where you will have to confirm the transference of the domain.
  • The transferences of domains .es are completed less than in 24 hours.
  • You can find more detailed information of the process puncturing in the button of more information.
  • If you want to transfer a domain with some other extension, you can consult from this connection the pertinent instructions to us.




Management of the Name of Domain

Through our panel of management of the domain name, you will be able to modify all the data of the contacts that the norm of each extension of domain allows. Also it is possible to be blocked/to unblock the Name of Domain and to obtain the outside necessary Authcode if.


Management of Zones DNS

Each Name of Domain has panel of management of Zones of Domain, where they will be able to modify the registries that are necessary, as well as to create new, until a maximum of 200 zones.


Technical support

If you need help to manage your domain, we make your available our technical support through tickets or telephone. Also we have several pages of help to guide you in your management, as well as videotutoriales.




Also we make your available the best ones

Lodgings Web

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Name of domain


We have different plans from Hosting Web, Linux or Windows, so that you can create your webpage without problems. In case you only need the e-mail also you will find different plans so that you can enjoy a professional E-mail. Our service simpler, but very effective and also economic, is the Redireccionamiento of Web and Mail, with which you will be able to redirect your name of I dominate where you wish and to create your redirected accounts of mail.

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Frequent questions on

Names of Domain


The domains .ws do not have special requirements for their registry.
Yes, and he is advisable that you do it before the expiration date of the Domain, to avoid that the Domain is lost. We recommended to you that you visit our help exceeds how to initiate the transfer of a domain before making any order and if you have any consultation on the matter you do not doubt in asking to us.
The minimum time of contract of a domain is of a year.
The maximum time of contract of a Domain is of 10 years. Soon it will have to return to renew it by the years that wish.
No, the domain names do not admit changes. It is necessary to make sure that the Domain well is written and we chose the extension that interests to us, since once registered we will not be able to change it, will be necessary to register a new domain.
Yes, you can point the DNS of the domain towards the servant that you wish. Also you can point the registries In the panel of management of Zones DNS towards the IP that you need, as well as creating other registries.
If, there is no problem. You can register your domain to make sure that nobody registers it before you and then, when you have the prepared page, to contract hosting associate. We will be in charge to point your domain at new hosting so that he works to you quickly.
We work with many more extensions of those than we put in the list, reason why you can consult to us by telephone or sending a message to us and we will send the budget to you of the cost of the extension of the Domain that you need.
No, by the special nature of the domains we cannot make the reimbursement of the same.