Service of Webmail

All the clients whom they have contracted to a service of lodgings Web and accounts of mail can accede to our gratuitous service of webmail (Panel of Mail), that will allow them to consult its e-mails from any connection to Internet being used a navigating Web.

Their email address and password can accede to the webmail from, introducing.

The new service of WebMail incorporates the following improvements:

  • Greater rapidity of use.
  • Safe access from
  • It can visualize messages of until 20MEGABYTE of size.
  • It can choose the aspect of the WebMail between three different styles.
  • Possibility of marking the read or not read messages as.
  • A message can specify receipt requested when sending.
  • It can send associates of until 20MEGABYTE by message.
  • Better management in the search of messages.
  • Possibility of writing messages in normal text or HTML (advanced publisher HTML).
  • Options outposts of configuration in the preferences of the WebMail.
  • Possibility of creation of filters automatically to classify the contents in different folders.
  • It allows to choose multiple languages of use.
  • It allows to write and to read messages with different characters (for example Chinese) in the language option €œthe Spanish International€.
  • It stores to preferences of Language and Subject of automatic form.
  • It requests confirmation when erasing or to drain a folder of messages.

Images of the Panel of Mail (Webmail)



Service of Webmail IMAP

The service of Webmail IMAP allows him to accede to its accounts of mail in way IMAP.

Their email address and password can accede to the webmail from, introducing.


Images of the Panel of Mail IMAP (Webmail IMAP)