Why To choose to us?

In WWW Space we provided a service of quality fit in price, offering the principles reliability assurances and security.

WE GUARANTEED to him that:

  • Its webpage will be visible and working the 24 hours of the day

  • Their post office will be received and given without problems

This we can be assured because:

  • We have more than 17 years of consolidated experience offering services of lodging Web and mail

  • We provide services to thousands of clients who trust us

  • We are a legally set up Spanish company

    • We issue legal invoices on all the services

    • We invoice in force with the IVA in Spain

  • We have software and own infrastructure. We are not remarketers

  • Located in a professional datacenter. All our services are provided from Madrid

  • We offer efficient technical attendance

    • Own technical service

    • Customized attention

    • We do not depend on third people

    • In case of any incidence we went personally to the datacenter to solve the problem

      • The guarantee and response times on watch are used excessive respect

  • Fit to relation quality/price

  • Service guaranteed to 99%

    • This means that 99% of the time its service will remain active.

    • At present our rates surpass 99.70% of effectiveness

  • Continuous and permanent monitoring of security

  • All our utilities, documentation and attendance are provided in Castilian

  • We contribute complementary services as:

    • AntiSpam

    • Protection against external threats

    • Publishing Web HTML

    • Statistics of Access

    • Backup copies
    • Access to the mail by Webmail

    • High in Finders

    • Names of Domain

      • Property of the client

      • Complete management by means of Panel of Domains

      • Management of Zones DNS

  • We invest continuously in formation, technology and innovation

  • Excrupulosamente we excrupulosamente fulfill the Law of Protection of Data

If it realises a consultation in Google by the term €œlodging Web€ will verify that tens of pages exist that offer services of lodging Web and accounts of mail. Nevertheless, the majority of these pages is not really lodging suppliers Web, but remarketers of services. All the companies that offer this type of services are not equal, nor the offered services have the same security and quality level in their operation. When providing a service and not a material good, is difficult at first sight to value the quality of the same without having no previous reference. Normally it must spend a time to be able to verify that the offered service does not correspond with the fiance by the company of hosting. Although in theory the benefits of the services are the same, actually exist multiple differences.

Recommendations at the time of choosing a service of lodging Web.

  • It distrusts of those services that are offered as €œlimitless€ in number of Webs, space in disc or accounts of mail.

    At the moment at which it consumes too many resources €œwill advise to him€ that it updates another type on watch of greater cost.
  • It considers that Internet is not gratuitous and of some form it will have to be profitable for the company that provides the service to him.

    • It contracts services in which the relation price/benefits is compensated.

    • Any gratuitous service or extremely cheap will not provide a service to him of quality or other people's to the publicity.

  • It distrusts of those pages that do not acquire their services using the most habitual forms of payment in Spain, as for example:

    • Debit from a Spanish bank.

    • Some TPV for collections with card of a Spanish bank.

  • Not to use these forms of payment they will keep awake that the company is not Spanish or that not even is even a legally set up company.