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Who we are?

We are a young company, formed by a group of independent professionals and with ample experience in the sector of computer science. Our interest is to provide a good relation quality/price in all our services. For greater information it consults our page Who We are.

What technical support we offer, why routes?

Main the technical support is via tickets, through our Zone of Users. The response time is inferior to the 24 hours of average. Once set out the problem in a ticket it can in writing also realise his consultation by telephone.

Where consulted are the contracts?

It can consult our contracts in the section Contracts Type.

Exist does a period of test of the contracted services?

A period of test of sixty days exists, except for the domain names, that cannot be reimbursed due to their nature. They can consult our Guarantee of Return of 60 days.

Which is the procedure of loss in case of not wanting to continue using our services?

In order to ask for the loss of any service it must send a ticket to us from the Zone of Users with his request. The period of test is of 60 days and if in that term it does not convince the service to him, we give back the amount to him of its purchase except the one of the name of the domain, that is not reimbursable.

Exist do discounts for distributors or remarketers?

No, at the moment we do not have special programs to remarketers.

Where I can consult the invoice by the contracted services?

Once realised the purchase of the service it will be able to accede to the Zone of Users of our Web to consult his invoice and to print it.

Does the price include the IVA?

No, as it indicates our Web to all the prices is necessary to add the IVA in force to them if it affects to him by his fiscal residence.

One is detachhed the IVA in the invoices?

If, in all our invoices is the detachhed IVA.

We sent invoices by email?

The invoice will be able to consult it and to print from the Zone of Users of our Web. If it needs the signed or sealed invoice we can be sent by email postal.

In the discharge form the name of a person is requested, it has to be the administrator of the company, can be any simply coarse partner or with the data of the company?

The name that is requested is the one of the contact person. If the invoice is for a company will be due to fill up the field €œOrganization/Company€.

It is possible to register a name of domain by more of a year contracting the service of lodging only by a year?

Yes, it is possible. They are two services that are complemented although its management is independent.

How long it passes between the request of hiring of a service, and the availability of the same?

The discharge takes place in some 24 hours since we verified the payment of the service. Aside from this, the registry of domains usually takes in propagating other 24/48 hours more.

What type of servers we used?

All our servers work with operating system Linux or Windows. They have the most advanced processors, memories, discs in rhelp, surroundings controlled (humidity, temperature, etc) and connected to Internet through multiple nodes that assure their permanence in a 99%. He can consult the location of our Datacenter.

They use some Control Panel?

We have an own Control Panel, designed by our engineers, whom a total control of the Web allows lodged to manage users, post office, statistics of use and access, etc. is available in Castilian. The Control Panel takes built-in a manual of help with all the options available.

Exist does limitation of bandwidth?

Our servers are connected with cards of network of 1000 Mbps without limitation of bandwidth.

I can create subdomains within the contracted domain?

Yes, our Panel of zones DNS can create using them later and associating them to the lodging Web by means of a file .htaccess. If he asks for it by means of a ticket we can form.

Can Whichever pages be visualized based on the volume of monthly transference?

For example, for 1Gb of monthly transference to an average of 10Kb by page, it allows him up to 10,000 pages visited in his Web per month. The immense majority of the Web does not surpass this number. When not being limited the trsnaferencia of data at the moment this is not a problem for our services of lodging.

It supports Javascript?

The support of Javascript does not depend on the lodging, but on the navigator who is used to see the page. All the present navigators support Javascript.

He supports Flash?

Without no problem, our servers are adapted to give support to this type of extensions.

Be published can a Web by FTP?

Yes, it must do it by FTP. We recommended the use to him of any program of FTP to publish the Web since he is faster.

They include publicity in the lodgings Web?

We did not include publicity some.

It is possible to lodge more of a domain in the space of a lodging?

Each lodging is associate to an only domain. Nevertheless it can use our service of Redirection of Web and Mail to redirigir a domain towards a folder of his lodging.

I can contract a lodging having registered the name of domain with another supplier?

Yes, it would only have to assign to his domain the servers of names (DNS) that we will provide to him.

It is possible to increase the amount of space contracted during the course of the time of contract?

Yes, the space within the contracted period can be increased, updating its service to one of type superior. In order to update itself simply it would have to in force pay the difference between both services for the rest of the period of the contracted service original.

Is the number of data bases that support the lodgings limited?

Yes, each service has a number of data bases that can create.

It supports to Postgresql or another type of data bases, or it only has MySQL?

It depends on the type on watch who chooses himself. The lodgings on Linux servers have MySQL and on servers Windows we have data bases Access and SQLServer. If some other basic type needs data we recommended our Servers to him VPS, where he will be able to form to his needs the servant.

Be used can pages ASP and data bases Access or SQLServer?

Yes, we have services that allow to use ASP and data bases Access and SQLServer. It can consult our lodgings on servers Windows.

As soon as time register does a service?

The discharge takes place in some 24 hours since we verified the payment of the service. Once register webpages, etc. can be formed the mail accounts, be published.

I need to have knowledge of Linux to administer my Web?

It is not necessary. We provided a complete Control Panel to him so that he can administer to all the parameters of his lodging Web without previous knowledge.

What type of applications I can publish in my lodging Web?

Pages of company, virtual personal, stores, forums of discussion, books of visit, etc. Those are not admitted that do not respect the conditions specified in our Contracts Type.

Admitted are pages with content for adults?

No, pages with content for adults by their high volume of accesses are not admitted. It can consult to us on his tactical mission so that we realise a budget in accordance with to him its needs.

I will have access to my pages at any time?

Yes, by means of access FTP podra to accede to its pages without restriction the 24 hours of the day, and will be able to modify them so many times as it considers necessary.

What volume of monthly transference I will have?

At the moment for all our services of lodging Web, accounts of mail, stores and generator Web the rate of data transfer is limitless.

Exist some additional does position to exceed the rate of monthly transference?

Yes. Each additional Giga has a cost of 3 Euros to the month. This is applied at the moment for virtual servers VPS.

As soon as time registered a domain is name?

A domain name registers in a term inferior to one hour since been worth the request of purchase. The domain name will be visible in Internet between the 24 and 48 later hours to its registry, being this one required time for its propagation by Internet.

What means to redirect a domain?

To redirect a domain to a space Web consists of pointing that domain at any webpage that is in Internet. Of this form when somebody writes its name of domain in a navigator will resend to the direction Web to him that previously it indicates to us. Also, the incoming post office directed to that domain will be resent to the email address provided by the client.

Does the registry of a domain name allow to redirect it to a webpage?

The registry of a domain name does not include redirection URL of the same. For the redirection function it is necessary to contract to the service Redirection of Web and Mail.

When redirecting will a domain be in the bar of the navigator the name of the domain or the direction in which the webpage is lodged?

The Panel of Redirection allows both possibilities him. He can choose to show the name of the contracted domain, it direction in which is not lodged the webpage.

How work a domain does transference?

The domain names are enrolled in a world-wide data base controlled by different recording companies. To ask for a domain transference supposes to change the domain of a recording company to another one. This change between companies requires of a process manual that causes delays in the transferences. To this the reluctance on the part of some cash registers is united to grant these transferences.

The steps to follow are the following:

  • WWW space asks for the transference of the domain.
  • The proprietor of the domain receives a mail in the direction e-mail of the administrative contact so that he authorizes the beginning of the transference.
  • The present recorder of the domain receives the transference request and can ask for a confirmation to the proprietor of the domain.
  • The proprietor of the domain confirms the transference.
  • The present recorder authorizes the transference if the domain is not expired or has a time of greater registry of sixty days.
  • WWW space communicates the result of the transference to the proprietor of the domain.

The transference process usually concludes in about seven days.

Who is the proprietor of the domain?

The property of the domain (it is the right to use it by the period of contracted time) ALWAYS is of the user who has registered it, not of the company with which it registers it. That is to say, the client is the proprietor of the domain and will have the control of the same in any circumstance. By means of our utility of Panel of Domains the client will be able to freely manage completely and his name of domain. He will be able to change the contact data, to modify DNS, to block and to unblock, etc.

Be changed can the DNS of a domain?

By means of our utility of Panel of Domains the client will be able to freely manage completely and his name of domain. He will be able to change the contact data, to modify DNS, to block and to unblock, etc.

Be registered can a domain that has expired?

No, normally the cash registers block the domains between sixty and ninety days after the date of their lapsing. This measurement intends to allow the proprietor to recover the domain before it returns to be available.

Register domains does .es?

Yes, it can consult all the extensions of domains that we registered in our page of Names of Domain.

How to use a name of domain contracted with another company?

If it has a name of domain with another company and wants to contract with us the lodging, it only must change the DNS of his domain so that they aim towards our servers. The data of the new DNS that must specify for their name of domain can consult them in our Zone of Users. If it does not have access to its domain consults with its present supplier and asks for the change to the new DNS.

Be transferred can a domain just registered?

No, they have to spend sixty days before a domain can be transferred from a recorder to another one.