What is Hosting?

We explained its meaning and more important characteristics to you


Much people ask themselves What is hosting? The word hosting is an anglicism that we used to call to the Lodging of webpages or Lodging Web, that consists of a space of a size determined within a Web server where are the archives and data bases that compose your webpage, so that this can be visible in Internet.

This space within a Web server rents by the companies of Lodging Web or Hosting by a determined time, of the analogy with the term €œto lodge€, €œto provide with accomodations€ or €œhosting there€ as if they were clients in a hotel.

The companies of Lodging Web as WWW Space has own Servers in specialized Datacenters, that maintain to the servers in optimal conditions, with several connections of data and guarded by security equipment, to avoid that nobody can accede to the data that are conserved in them.

All the companies of Lodging Web do not have own Servers in safe Datacenters. Some companies simply rent the servers to others, even in countries different from which are located, and so its reaction time in case of failure is always greater, because they cannot accede in person to his own equipment to verify the problem. Many companies not even rent complete servers and are simple remarketers of other suppliers. This it is not the case of ShophyPerformance that owns its own servers totally managed by its equipment.



WHAT IS HOSTING - existing Types of Hosting


The first significant difference is between shared Hosting dedicated and Hosting. The great majority of the webpages lodges in Hosting shared with other webpages, following the capacity of the servant and than the company of hosting it wants €œto stretch€ the capacity of the servant. If hosting in a same servant are many the resources of the servant must distribute between all, reason why each webpage will have less memory available and less speed. In ShophyPerformance we have an optimal capacity within our servers, to be able to offer to all the Web lodged with us excellent data of yield.

Hosting in shared lodgings economic and for that reason more is used. Sharing lodging Web can have as disadvantage that the problems caused by a lodging can affect to the rest, for that reason is necessary to be very strict controlling to the different lodgings Web so that they do not consume more resources of those than they correspond to them, sends Spam or has some failure of security that can harm to the rest. Our equipment monitors the servers constantly to avoid these practices.

The Web that consumes many dedicated resources needs to only use hosting for them, so that they can decide as distributing the memory resources, space, data transfer etc of their own servant. At the moment for this aim the Private Virtual Servers or VPS are used.

The second great difference between servers comes given by its operating system, that can be Linux or Windows. Following UNDER chosen they will have a type of programming or another one, as well as of different types from Data bases. If you want to know more on the differences between the Hosting Linux or Windows, envelope accedes to our help That Hosting to choose, Windows or Linux.



WHAT IS HOSTING - Hosting gratuitous and Hosting of payment


In what hosting are different gratuitous and those of payment? Hosting gratuitous, in addition to more being limited in resources as the space in disc, data transfer, etc. normally includes publicity that will be inserted in your webpage. Also they lodge the Web in servers shared with many other lodgings, that will fight by the resources of the servant, causing that the pages are slower.

Many of these hosting gratuitous, as those of Wordpress or Prestashop, offer hosting to you but on a subdomain of their name of domain, and if you want to use your own name of domain for your Web, you can do it, but with a generally elevated cost, that no longer justifies continuing using its services of hosting in the cloud, because by a similar or lower price you can contract your own hosting frees of publicity and with more resources. Wordpress or prestashop will work better if you install them in your servant who if you use them in the cloud, in addition to freeing of the restrictions of determinador installation modules, plugins to you etc.



WHAT IS HOSTING - Remarketers of Hosting


The resale of spaces of hosting and the payment of commissions on the part of some companies is common in the sector, reason why he is frequent that companies of publicity or design want that you use his own hosting. That is decision of client final, that always it must evaluate the professionalism of the company of hosting to which it entrusts his service of e-mail and Web, being fundamental services for the daily operation of a business. We recommended you that if you directly do not manage the hiring of your hosting, you always are abreast of where you have it contracted and of your data of access, as well as of the data of registry of the name of domain and how you can accede to him, in case in a while determined you decide to change of company.