Who We are?

WWW space is a company founded on the year 2000 with the aim of providing services of lodging Web of high quality to reasonable prices. One is constituted by professionals with years of experience in the sector of computer science and the telecommunications.

Our supply of services is directed mainly to companies and professionals who need to offer to their clients a service of complete lodging and quality without technical problems nor administrative complications. By all means, any person or company can contract our services.

All our services are provided from the datacenter NAP of the Americas Madrid (Terremark), located in Madrid (Spain). Although this supposes a higher cost economic, also it results in a greater quality of the service that we provided and guarantees the strict fulfillment of the norm referring to security of data (Statutory law of Protection of Data).

We have of a proven software highly and quality based on Linux servers and Windows of great capacity. We count on an excellent technical infrastructure. Our group of professionals is divided between the department and Datacenter (exclusively for maintenance of equipment and communications) complete of support that offers answer to our users before any eventuality that could take place.

The fiscal data of our company are:

WWW space suppliers of services of hosting, names of domain

They can contact with us through our page of contact.