Our service of Redirection of Web and mail is very useful and easy to use when you need to redirigir your name of domain using a URL or different registries DNS. Also it is possible to be used to have redirected accounts of mail, which is very useful when you stop having an operative account of mail, but you do not want to lose no to you of the post office that still can send to you to her.



Redirection Web

  • Redirection hides or direct
  • Metatags personalizables

Redirection of Mail

  • Virtual accounts of mail
  • It allows to create up to 75 accounts

Management of Registries DNS

  • Redirection IP
  • Configuration of servant DNS

Panel of redirection in Spanish.

He allows to select between direct redirection or he hides.

He includes customized icons of redirection.

Possibility of adding to title, key words and description.

It allows to create up to 75 virtual accounts of mail.

It includes our service antiSpam, that provides a very effective filtrate of the received mail, redirigiendo only the verified mail and eliminating the rest.

It allows to realise adjustments such as definition of registry of post office MX, registries of type To or even registries of servers NS.

Our servers are in a datacenter in Madrid.

We guarantee a connectivity of 99%.

We have a continuous monitoring 24/7.

All our lodgings have a guarantee of 60 days. If during that period it is not satisfied with the service, we will reimburse the total amount phelp to him by the lodging.






The Redirection of Web and e-mails can have different uses and being from much utility to save money when not having to contract other services as hosting or accounts of mail.


  • The Web redirection can be used so that a domain is redirected to a certain Web or a folder within the same. In addition, in the redirection it is possible to be selected if this one is going away to do of direct way (when redirecting itself the domain will change the URL that we see in our navigator) or of way it hides (the navigator will continue showing the name to us of redirected domain, although already we are in another Web). Also we can add a title to the redirection, favicon and put-words nail, put-you label and put-values.
  • The redirection of post office serves to create virtual accounts of mail that receive and redirect the post office towards other real accounts of mail. It is very useful when it is not wanted to continue maintaining a webpage, but one thinks that they are going away to continue receiving post office in old accounts. This way any mail would not be lost. Also much is used when we changed the domain of our Web and we move to a new Web.


Frequent questions on


Yes, the redirection panel has the option to redirect your Web through registries DNS of the domain.
A same account of mail can only be redirected to an only account.
Yes, although the name domain is sailed by the destiny Web that appears in the bar of the navigator is the redirected domain.