Security In front Threats

In WWW Space we constantly worried about the security about the lodgings Web and accounts about mail about our clients. For that reason our safety measures are increased continuously confronting the new threats of the attackers (hackers).

We have the most advanced security systems of the Fortinet brand. (The Fortinet company is world-wide leader in security systems for servers in Internet).

These security systems, from which some all our clients will benefit without cost, work transparently and they do not require additional configurations for the Webs or post office.

Security In front Threats

From our systems we on a daily basis detected tens of attacks and attempts of intrusion to our servers. Without this type of protections it would be impossible to have safe surroundings so that the webpages and accounts of mail operate with normality in a so open and unprotected atmosphere as Internet.

The security systems contribute improvements in the prevention of attacks to our systems, as intrusion detection, I scan of ports, vulnerability in applications, etc. The set of measures that at the moment are applied allows to realise a blockade preventive of the most common attacks that they are realised at the moment, and on the other hand analyzes the traffic of data to determine new not known attacks that they can be blocked when they take place.