Our Store Online PrestaShop allows you to create a professional store, with multitude of forms of payment, without limitation of products nor of categories, to begin to sell your products. This hosting includes everything what you can need to open your store online: the installation of PrestaShop, 25 accounts of mail and 10 GB of space in disc.



Including in the service of Store

  • Last version of PrestaShop
  • Spanish installation of TPV
  • Installation of groups

Characteristics of the store online

  • Without product limitation
  • Multiple forms of payment
  • Management of shipments, taxes etc.

Disc space

  • 10 GB of space in disc
  • 10 Bases of MySQL data
  • Limitless data transfer

Accounts of mail

  • 25 Post office
  • Redirection and autorespuestas

Technical support

  • Help on PrestaShop
  • Tutorial of help
  • Guaranteed connectivity 99%


  • Daily backup copies
  • Certificates SSL Let's Encrypt FREE
  • Statistics of access

Virtual store PrestaShop: It is the visible part by the clients. It accedes to a demonstration of the store beating here.

Area of PrestaShop administration: It can accede to the management of the demonstration store beating here. (Usuary: [email protected]; Password: demodemo)

Languages available: The store online settles by defect in Spanish, but we can install more languages if it needs it. PrestaShop also allows the user to install different packages from languages that include translations, currencies, measures etc.

Multi-Currency: The PrestaShop store allows to show the prices in different currencies: Euros, Dollars, etc. Also can be added other currencies different from the administration from the store online.

Management of brands: The store online allows to manage a classification of brands and manufacturers. The brands and manufacturers can be associated to products. It includes a window that allows to visualize the characteristics of the brand.

Product commentaries or revisions by other clients: Each product can admit possible commentaries and valuations realised by the clients and users. Each commentary previously is administered and moderate by the administrator of the PrestaShop store.

Finder: In all the pages of the PrestaShop store a product finder is present that allows to easily find by name or description anyone of products/offered services.

Groups responsive: The store online is perfectly visible in movable devices as tablets, Android, IPhone etc.

Within the PrestaShop store the products are classified in categories. They are possible to be created from simple classifications to truly complex classifications of several levels. In each one of the categories it can have so many subcategories as they are necessary and all the products can be included that are desired.

Each product admits several fields that define it perfectly: reference, category, name, detailed description, price, image, weight, type of tax and other configurable properties.

A same product admits different combinations as different colors, sizes, etc. These combinations can influence in the price of the product.

Outstanding products: The PrestaShop store allows to select the products that are wanted to emphasize.

Products in supply: The store online allows to emphasize the price of certain products, being shown the original price and the reduced one. It can apply to a fixed price of discount or a percentage.

Product newness: PrestaShop allows to emphasize products emphasizing them as NEWNESS.

Connections can be shown products that are related to the product that is being offered.

Confirmation of orders by e-mail: When an order is realised, PrestaShop sends an e-mail to the client and the person in charge of the store online informing to them into the detail of the order that finishes realising. This allows that the order uses with the greater possible rapidity and offers confidence to the client when the feeling taken care of immediately. The text of the e-mail can be personalized.

PrestaShop maintains a registry of all the clients and incorporates a finder to realise searches of clients. When a client realises a purchase is registered in a data base, that later allows to consult and to publish all these data.

The PrestaShop store allows to group the clients in different groups. A same client can belong to several groups.

The clients can accede to their account and to modify their data, directions of shipment and to know the state their order.

File of Orders: The store maintains a registry of all the orders that are realised. From the administration they are possible to be consulted all the details of the orders of each client, as well as to be realised a pursuit of his state (phelp, not phelp, sent or given).

Banking card: We will form the footbridge to him of payment of his Spanish virtual TPV.

Against reimbursement: The client will pay to the reception of the order.

Paypal: It allows to establish safe payments without using the credit card through an account that can be opened in Paypal.

Transference or check. Their clients can pay by means of transferences or bank checks.

Also new forms of payment in the present versions of the PrestaShop stores exist, as Amazon Pay or Skrill.

Management of expenses of shipment: It allows to define a table of tariffs by expenses of shipment following the destiny, interval of weights, interval of prices and forms of shipment of the order. All these variables are configurable.

Zones, Types and Percentage of taxes: Different types from taxes and percentage for each country and each product can be selected. In addition, within each country different zones can be selected (communities, states,€¦). This characteristic allows to use the service of Store Online PrestaShop generally, considering the needs of an international customer.

Our Store online PrestaShop has a limitless data transfer.
Our Store online PrestaShop has a Control Panel in Spanish, that allows to create and to manage the mail accounts, data bases, accounts of FTP, etc.

It can accede to his PrestaShop store through FTP.

It has available 10 different accounts of FTP.

service of FTP Online.

It has 25 accounts of mail with a capacity of 6 GB each.

It forms his accounts of mail in programs as Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, etc.

It also consults his mail from his movable device Android, IPhone, Blackberry, etc.

Also it can accede to his accounts of mail by means of Webmail MGP or Webmail IMAP.

It allows the redirection of accounts of mail, creation autorespuestas and alias of mail.

Ours hosting has a powerful system of protection against external threats based on firewalls and equipment of intrusion detection.

We have the most advanced security systems of the Fortinet brand (world-wide leader in security systems for servers).

All our servers are in a datacenter in Madrid.

We guarantee a connectivity of 99%.

We have a continuous monitoring 24/7.

All our lodgings Web have a guarantee of 60 days. If during that period it is not satisfied with the service, we will reimburse the total amount phelp to him by hosting.

Daily backup copies of the content of their PrestaShop store and data bases will be realised to be able to recover their Lodging Web in case it had some technical incidence.
It unloads the Practical Manual of First steps of the Prestashop Store beating here.






PrestaShop is a gratuitous platform of electronic commerce. Small and great companies can use it to create and to manage their stores successful online.

In our service of Store online PrestaShop we especially offer hosting formed for the optimal operation of this program. When you contract your store online you will have already settled the program of formed PrestaShop and so that you can begin to use it, so that you saved this one troublesome step. In the service that we also provided we included the installation to you of a TPV of any Spanish bank and if you had it, the installation of a group that you provide to us. Also we will give attendance you on the use of the store of PrestaShop, we can guide to you on the first steps and help you with the doubts that you have on the operation of the store.

By the others you will have complete access to the PrestaShop store, its data base and archives that compose it.

PrestaShop is used by than 250,000 stores more online in the world, being one of the software of more efficient, dynamic and international commerce electronic. It has hundreds of innovating tools that will help them to create their own store online.

PrestaShop has a simple and effective use, very versatile, that allows to create stores online of different sizes, adapted from different sectors from activity or volume of income. Open is a solution of electronic commerce source, which allows its modification to adapt it to its needs.






The service of Store Online PrestaShop has including 25 accounts of mail, that will go associate to your name of domain, so that you can offer a professional image of your business.


  • It uses your accounts of mail in your favorite programs of mail, as Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Mac, etc. Also you will be able to form your post office in movable devices.
  • Our Webmail MGP or IMAP accedes to your post office from any connection to Internet, using
  • It redirects your directions of email of other accounts of mail.
  • It activates autorespuestas to respond emails of automatic way.
  • It forms alias of your accounts of mail
  • We filter 90% of the Spam that arrives at your accounts of mail with our Antispam service including in all our Accounts of mail. If you want to reduce it to the minimum, you can consult our help sobrehow to fight the Spam shipment.
  • Each account of mail can be controlled by its user, since we have individual Control Panels for each account, in addition to a general Control Panel.
  • We monitor the service of mail constantly to avoid undesired shipments of mail produced by hackeos of accounts.





Antispam service

In WWW Space we are continuously increasing our firewall and security systems to restrain the entrance of Spam in the accounts of mail of our clients. Also we monitored constantly our servers of mail so that, in case hackeen their accounts of mail, to stop the shipment and to avoid that Your domain is classified as Spam emitter.


Statistics of access

Each lodging Web has a complete service of statistics in two different formats, where it will be able to consult the information referring to the visits of your webpage. The statistics inform into the visited pages and directories more, number of accesses per days, origin of the visitors, key words search, etc. to you.


Security in front threats

We have the most advanced security systems of the Fortinet brand. (The Fortinet company is world-wide leader in security systems for servers in Internet) from that our Lodgings benefit all Web without extra cost. They work transparently and they do not require additional configurations for the Webs or post office.


Settled PrestaShop

We installed the last version of adaptable PrestaShop available, responsive and to all the movable devices


Backup copies

In order to assure the content the webpages against any possible incidence that could inflict some casualty of data, several weekly backup copies are programmed that pick up all the content of the lodgings Web.


Hosting with IP Spanish

Our servers are lodged in a Datacenter with the maximum security in Madrid reason why all our IP is Spanish, which favors the positioning Web of the pages lodged in our servers.




Frequent questions on

PrestaShop lies down Online

In order to be able to use PrestaShop with us, you need to have your own domain and a lodging Web where to be able to install it. In WWW Space we offer our Linux lodgings to you where you will be able to install you yourself your PrestaShop, or our service of Stores online, that or to you the installation of the last version of PrestaShop includes, as well as the installation of a group if it had it and a Spanish TPV. Also we give support on the operation of this platform, since we had specialists in this program.
Yes, we give support on the operation of PrestaShop and in addition we periodically raised help on PrestaShop in our Blog and in our section of help, that you will be able to consult and they will help you in the first steps.
Our Store online includes 10 GB of space in disc, 25 accounts of mail, limitless data transfer, 10 accounts of FTP and 10 Bases of MySQL data.

No, the Name of domain is necessary to buy it aside. You can consult the price of each extension of domain acceding to our page of domain names.

The Hosting if it is including in the service of store, with 10 GB of space in disc, 25 accounts of mail, limitless data transfer, 10 accounts of FTP and 10 Bases of MySQL data.

He is indispensable to have a name of registered domain to be able to have a PrestaShop store. If you do not have any Name of domain, it is necessary that you register one, but already you have it in another company, is not necessary that you return it to buy, you can simply point the DNS of the domain towards our servers. If you are interested in transferring the domain towards our company, you can consult our help exceeds how to transfer a domain.
If, you can contract the Prestashop Store without trouble. You will have to change the DNS of your domain and to put those that we indicate to you, and 24 hours after the change you will be able to use your store Online.
No, the Stores Online only can be associate to a domain. What yes you can do is to redirect other Names from domain to the same PrestaShop Store.
We recommend PrestaShop for stores small medians and. PrestaShop is valid for the sale of physical goods and also unballastable archives, as ebooks, software, etc. If you need the store to make reserves, sale of entrances etc you will need to buy modules extra or to use another type of platform.

If you are client of one of our stores online, you can put to you with notros through a consultation ticket in touch from your zone of users, or call us to the 911883734, option 2, of Monday through Friday of 09,00 to 18:00.

Also you can consult our help on PrestaShop and our channel of YouTube, where you found many interesting ideas.

PrestaShop includes a modern group, quite adaptable to all type of stores. Nevertheless, if you look for a different group, you can visit PrestaShop Addons, the official virtual store of PrestaShop. In her you will find more than 3 500 professional modules and groups to personalize your store.

It remembers that if you have a service of Store online with ShophyPerformance we will install the group to you of gratuitous way, without you must complicate to you.

A module is a small application, similar to plugin, that Integra perfectly in your PrestaShop store and adds to characteristics and functionalities, as much to your front office as to back office.
A subject is a professional group with which you will be able to personalize the aspect and the style of your PrestaShop store. They are very easy to install, to form and to update.
For nothing! PrestaShop includes 350 gratuitous functionalities and one soles compatible personalizable with movable devices. PrestaShop has everything what you need to open a professional store online, from options of payment to marketing tools.