This type of Managed initial VPS recommends himself to provide basic services Web, as the lodging of simple webpages with data base, servers of names DNS, servers of mail of company or file storage when more space is needed the one than can always provide the lodgings Web shared and with the facility and security that our technology provides.



Hard disk/Transference

  • 50 GB of Hard disk
  • Limitless Monthly traffic of Data
  • 100 Mbps Connection to Network


  • 2 vCores CPU
  • 1 GB Ram Garantizada
  • 2 GB Ram Dinámica

Managed VPS

  • Own technology and Control Panel
  • Protection anti-virus and antiSpam of the VPS
  • Maintenance of the operating system


  • 7 PHP/MySQL
  • Discs SSD


  • 1 fixed Direction IP
  • It allows to contract more IPs

Guarantee on watch

  • Guaranteed connectivity 99%
  • Continuous monitoring 24/7

Servers VPS are virtual partitions of a physical servant that allow to have an own servant to a very competitive cost.

To the being a managed servant VPS, unites the advantages to have an own servant with the use facility of a shared lodging.

If a lodging Web needs more resources or must personalize itself, it is necessary to engage his own servant VPS.

Very useful for mail IMAP, since it offers more space to store post office in the servant.

The applications that need more capacity resources as disc space, memory for applications, resources of CPU, bandwidth, etc, will need to have this type of servers VPS.

These servers give under our own technology, facilitating the use of the same by the client.

The management implies the updates of the servant, configuration of firewall etc. Can consult all the characteristics in the following connection

The same Control Panel for the lodgings of the VPS provides itself that use the rest of our shared lodgings, that will allow him:

  • To create mail accounts
  • Redirections of mail
  • autorespuestas
  • Alias of mail
  • Creation and management of Data bases
  • Creation of FTP accounts
  • Service of FTP online
  • etc.

To each servant VPS a dedicated direction IP is assigned to him, being able to contract to more previous directions IP justification of the use of the same.

Our servers are in a datacenter in Madrid.

We guarantee a connectivity of 99%.

We have a continuous monitoring 24/7.

All our services have a guarantee of 60 days. If during that period it is not satisfied with the service, we will reimburse the total amount phelp to him by the lodging.






A Virtual one Deprives Server to you (VPS) is an emulation of a physical servant in virtual surroundings. It owns the advantages of a physical servant, but without the limitations that the physical machine as far as memory, CPU, space in disc or connection to Internet imposes. A VPS behaves as a physical servant in all the aspects, but it allows to be able to change anyone of the parameters that define it of a dynamic way.

The VPS are created virtual machines in physical surroundings that allow to give a service to clients who have necessity to be able to change the resources that need a fast and dynamic form, without needing investing in expensive physical machines that ràpidamente are obsolete.

The VPS normally are created under surroundings as the €œcloud€, offering a security of operation much greater than the one of a physical servant, who can cause technical problems.

The VPS, to the being emulations of virtual machines, can be used for any assignment that is desired. They allow the installation of any operating system or software that is needed, with the advantage of being able to reinstate just a short time in the customized contents that are necessary.








If you do not know if you would have to contract to a MANAGED VPS or hosting in a shared servant, it reads next the differences between both so that you can decide to you.


  • A Hosting shares the servant with other lodgings Web. The IP of the servant and the resources distributes between all the hosting lodged in that servant, including the memory and the processor. The main advantage of hosting shared is that they are preparations to raise a Web or to install software as Wordpress, Joompla or Prestashop and is under the protection of our anti-virus and antiSpam. You can consult in this connection all our services of lodging shared Web.
  • A servant VPS consists of making virtual individual partitions of a physical servant, which turns to him into a servant dedicated to small scale. Each VPS administers their own resources, that does not share on the contrary with other VPS that in the case of hosting in the shared servant. The IP also will be individual for each VPS.
  • A managed VPS combines the shared advantages of hosting Web with those of the VPS, since it will not be necessary to have knowledge of management of servers nor to waste time forming it, because it is offered with the same technology that our Lodgings Web, as the Control Panel of the lodging, management of the data bases, anti-virus, antiSpam, etc.
  • As the VPS is an individual servant with his own resources, in no case will affect to you what other lodgings do that share your servant, as it could happen with hosting shared. Your VPS does not share services or applications with other users because each servant is independent and completely invisible for his €œneighbors€.
  • The VPS are expandable of dynamic form as far as CPU, disc and memory and all resources are dedicated exclusively. The VPS allow you to have a complete control on the management of their resources, that you will be able to assign to your Web freely.
  • The VPS are more resistant than the physical servers to physical technical problems, since these are managed virtually.

  • The quality-price of the managed VPS is excellent, since it offers the same advantages that a dedicated servant traditional, but to a price far below.







Antispam service

The managed VPS benefit from our firewall and security systems. These systems improve continuously to reduce to the maximum the entrance of Spam in the accounts of mail of our clients. The VPS will constantly be monitored so that, in case hackeen your accounts of mail, to stop the shipment and to avoid that your domain is classified as Spam emitter.


Control Panel

The managed VPS has a Control Panel to each of its lodgings, where you will be able to create your accounts of mail easily and to manage them, to create account, data bases of FTP, etc.


Security in front threats

Your servant will be protected by advanced security systems of the Fortinet brand (world-wide leader in security systems for servers in Internet). Our security system works transparently and it does not require any additional configuration in the Webs or post office.


Backup copies

Several weekly backup copies of your VPS will be realised, so that in case it happens some incidence in your lodgings you can avoid the loss of data.


Spanish VPS with IP

Our servers lodge in a Datacenter in Madrid, with the maximum security. Our IP is Spanish, which improves the positioning Web of the pages lodged in our servers.


Gratuitous certificates of Security

We can install Certificates of Serguridad Let's Encrypt of gratuitous way, whenever you have the Name of domain and hosting in ShophyPerformance. Although these certificates of Security are valid during 3 months, are autorenuevan during the time that are going away to need.



Difference enters

Managed VPS


Self-sustaining VPS


These servers VPS provide themselves in managed way, that is to say, we took care of their management and installed the Control Panel and all the necessary one so that the client can manage the lodgings of his VPS easily. If you prefer to administer to you yourself the VPS, we can offer self-sustaining VPS, to a very competitive price.


Self-sustaining VPS

The client has access as administrator to the servant and the Control Panel of the servant VPS, who allows different actions for the total management from the same, as the resumption, extinguished, ignited, reinstallation of the operating system etc., without needing intervention on the part of WWW Space.


Managed VPS

WWW space manages the VPS, which includes the installation, beginning of a Control Panel for each lodging, management of the security and update of the servant, as well as five hours of manpower of the technical support.



Frequent questions on ours

Managed VPS


There is webpages that need more resources space, memory etc. of which they are possible to be offered in a shared Hosting, in that case would be necessary the change to a Managed VPS.

The VPS are also a good option when we needed hosting with much capacity disc space, for example if protocol IMAP in the post office is used and they are needed to store many post office.

There are some programs that by their characteristics cannot be installed in a shared lodging, since they use nonstandard software. In these cases a servant VPS is recommendable.

A VPS offers major privacy since when not sharing the space with anybody you are less susceptible to attacks than they put in danger your site or archives.

We use the same Control Panel that in our Hosting shared. From the Control Panel you will be able to create and to manage accounts of mail, FTP, data bases, etc.
You can accede to the VPS through a FTP program or using our utility of FTP online.
You can lodge all the hosting that you consider opportune based on the resources that consume of the VPS. Servant VPS forms himself based on the resources, not of hosting that is going to contain.
Approximately some 24/48 hours.
Yes, ponte in touch with us so that we give a budget you.
The Managed VPS are Linux, therefore they without trouble admit programming in PHP and data bases MySQL, which will allow you to install software popular as WordPress, Jommla, PrestaShop, etc.
If, the VPS that we provided with UNDER Windows Server are budgeted to size and they are created in VmWare surroundings.